Monday, October 14, 2013

my angel

The last time I was on here was around 3/2012 it was difficult to read about me ...My survival& Recovery.I was overwhelmed and emotionally drained but felt very loved.So this isDebi ryan I wrote that sentence because that is how she felt and was not able to get back on this blog but I today gained access to it!I want to get Jennys story out to others in my heart she was a victim of a horrific accident ,but became the most beautiful survivor.She was the kindess, sweet ,loving women with so much knowledge and so much to offer! In the early post a lot was interpreted by 3rd hand news ,so naturally it was not accurate it was one person view with limted information.I have some things planed for her BRITHDAY, and iam going to post about it soon and hopfully all will pass &share the info.till tomorrow.

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