Monday, October 14, 2013

my angel

The last time I was on here was around 3/2012 it was difficult to read about me ...My survival& Recovery.I was overwhelmed and emotionally drained but felt very loved.So this isDebi ryan I wrote that sentence because that is how she felt and was not able to get back on this blog but I today gained access to it!I want to get Jennys story out to others in my heart she was a victim of a horrific accident ,but became the most beautiful survivor.She was the kindess, sweet ,loving women with so much knowledge and so much to offer! In the early post a lot was interpreted by 3rd hand news ,so naturally it was not accurate it was one person view with limted information.I have some things planed for her BRITHDAY, and iam going to post about it soon and hopfully all will pass &share the info.till tomorrow.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Are y'all still there?

I am just reading some of the blogs that were posted and reading the comments that have been linked to them. I hope y'all are still there bc honestly I need this blog and y'all's support more than ever. Please spread the word that I am on and y'all will be hearing a lot from me. It has been such a hard journey and at times I did feel very alone...I always heard about how much support I had out there/ but now for the first time I can see with my own two eyes and I can actually comprehend that there was always someone out there when I needed someone the most. I struggled alot and I still do struggle with my post traumatic stress I want everyone to understand that it wasn't that I didn't want visitors or that I didn 't want to communicate, I was simply overwhelmed by everything and ANYTHING...there was a period of time where I would have a suffocating feeling if there were more than 3 people in the room. It was hard enough to deal with all the doctors, nurses, therapists and all of the BOBS in between...that had to be in there to care for me...I just was terrified of adding anyone else into the mix. But for the majority of the time I was far too ill to have visitors. For the longest time no one could enter the room I was in without sc rubbing down and being concealed in paper gowns, breathing mask, and hair net of some sort. It was intense to say the least. But y'all please understand that I was not in any position to have visitors for many other complicated reasons. I was burned badly on over 50% of my body, so try to imagine the pain I was in as my skin tore and fell apart...then there were the many skin infections that kept laid up in a hospital bed basically naked with open wounds and tubes adorning my crispy skin. Not a pretty picture. But I am very willing and eager to share with yall some of the most intimate details of this nightmarish period of my life. I need y'all's support now more than ever bc you can only imagine the discomfort I am feeling now as I am becoming more aware of everything that has happaned and I am taking a chance by reaching out to y'all/ Totally out of my comfort zone, but as with all things in my recovery with pain comes progress. So if anyone is still there please respond...ask questions or whatever it is that you want to do...i just need you.
Last night I came across a journal that my family kept while I was in a coma. And I couldn't help but sob. The pain in my mom's words as she wrote to me as if she were talking to me. She showed no loss of faith and repeatedly asked me to keep fighting and to be strong, because she needed me to. If I would just stay strong so would she. It inspired me to start reading some of the emails that friends, family and strangers wrote me from around the same time as the journal. I started off with tears fresh in my eyes from reading the pain stricken thoughts of my family, and it just flooded from there! It was hard enough to read thoughts of someone who never doubted my survival ( MY MOM), but to read the words of so many friends and loved ones who were unsure of how the situation would turn out. I'm not really sure what it actually was that triggered a huge awakening in me: I was reading letters from friends trying to say goodbye. Talk about a rude awakening...I mean I always had some kind of clue that I was sick and not doing well but actually being so ill kept me from being coherent of the situation I had been in. But right now I am at a point in my recovery ( a very infant point) where I am aware  of things that I hadn't been for the last two and a half years. Needless to say I am still very overwhelmed by this epiphany but I want to use it for my benefit. I want to reach out to all of you who reached out to me during the most painful and turbulent time in my's a great depiction of  you (my friends) and your ability to step up during a horrific time. I cannot express how truly grateful I am to have had the support that y'all have showered me with. I am remorseful from the bottom of my heart that it has taken so long to get me to reach out to y'all.But please understand I have been fighting every day for the last 30months. But I believe I am here today because y'all's  thoughtful words and encouraging prayers! Because of all of you I am here today...I may be burned and scarred but I have never felt so complete on the inside. Each day I wake up I am thankful for the opportunity to be on this planet one more day. And I am so blessed to be able to have just even one more minute with my family.

**I love you mom! Your entries in the journal really moved me. I could feel the pain you were feeling as you scribbled that ink on those beautiful pages. You never gave up on me...not one time did you jot a word of doubt. I am so thankful God gave me back to you and that I have gotten to bond with you on a level I never knew was possible. You take exceptional care of me...literally inside and out. I love you with my entire being and  know that you saved my life countless times during  this road to recovery. But everything has been worth the fight...thank you Mama I love you!

Name of lady who dialed 911!

Does anyone know the name of the lady who called 911 the night of my wreck? I am looking for a way to find out or contact her! Please help!

Hi everyone! This is Jenny for the first time

Hi everyone! This is Jenny Ryan. I just took over the blog that Lindsey started for me after my wreck. I will be checking in and keeping everyone posted on my current condition and with any progress in my recovery! Thank you everyone for y'all's support throughout this whole thing! I want to thank Lindsey for starting the blog and keeping everyone up to date with my condition! So Howdy YALL!

PS. This is the first time I have accessed this account and I will do my best to respond to all of your comments! The first time I saw over a year ago, but I have yet to read any of  the posts. After reading a bunch of emails sent to me during the first hospital stay which inspired me to communicate with all of you.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The post everyone has waited for.....Jenny's Coming Home

Jenny is coming home! I have waited a very long time to write this post. Monday morning she is to be released. She has had a long journey and has over come so many difficult obstacles. The road ahead is still going to be long, and hard but She is moving along so great with the support of everyone.

Next Saturday we are going to have an open house where everyone can come to the house and visit her. We are still discussing all the details.

Jenny is very excited to be able to come home. She is still walking with the help of a walker. She will also still have her central lines. But she will be home!!!! Jenny's burns are open and sore right now. She is hurting from them. But that is normal.

Jenny is so appreciative of everyones support, prayers, letters, cards, and good energy everyone has sent her. When she is home we are going to sit down and i'm going to type out what she wants everyone to know on here, from her.

I will post the details for Saturday as soon as I know what times are best. Everyone is very excited.

From day one our goal was to have Jenny healthy again back home. It has been 8 months. She is more than ready to come home.

Dear god,
I want to thank you for watching over our Jenny when she needed you the most. You never left her side or let go of her hand through this difficult journey. Thank you for letting everything work out with everyones schedule so that she was never alone in the hospital. Thank you for sending us one of the best surgeons in the world for you to work through. Thank you for steadying his hands every time he touched her body. Thank you for fighting every infection her body absorbed. Thank you getting every family member, and every friend through this emotional roller-coaster. Thank you for giving us the most precious gift, LIFE. Thank you for being such a powerful, healing, merceful god. Thank you for surronding us with love and embrace. And thank you most of all for sending us Steven Jones and giving him the courage and bravery to risk his own life and pull Jenny from her burning car. and for Ann who was so quick to call 911. We thank you for all of this.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

getting things ready for jenny to come home

So we've been told that jenny will be coming home soon. I've started getting things ready at the house for her. She has caught a couple infections. They are under control, but need to be gone before she can leave. She will have a nurse come to the house to change her ivs and central lines and bags. She will still be in bed, and be fed through her ivs and things. She is walking a lot more, with the help of a walker of course. Everything else is still the same.

If you haven't called or text her, then do it. She has had visitors. So if you would like to see her then call. She isn't calling people, but if u call she answers. She wants visitors, and enjoys the company. She has her cell phone with her.

Please continue to pray for the infections to go away, and for her healing to continue on schedule.

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update.